FAQWe collected the most frequently asked questions below, enjoy!!

  • The retainer ring will not close all the way around the pipe. Is it defective?

    It is not defective. The retainer ring is made to expand and close around the corrugations of Pro‐Flex. As long as it is closed enough for the fitting to fit around the rings then it is attached properly. It is intended to provide adequate spacing for the components of the fittings to attach properly.

  • Do you need special tools to install the Pro‐Flex CSST system?

    No special tools are required. To cut Pro‐Flex® CSST you use standard tube cutters. The fittings can be hand-tightened and then it is recommended to tighten a bit more with a ¼ turn using a crescent wrench.

  • Is Pro‐Flex® available for use in my area and in all states?

    Pro‐Flex® is available for commercial and residential installation in all states except Massachusetts. The Canadian Standards Association also approves Pro‐Flex® for use in single‐family, multi‐ family, commercial and industrial applications. However, local jurisdictions must be consulted to confirm as the local requirements trump state and national codes.

  • Is this product certified by CSA/ AGA and/ or UL?

    This product is certified and must be installed in accordance with local codes, or, in the absence of local codes, in accordance with National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54; Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, CSA B149.1 & B149.2 in Canada; the International Fuel Gas Code; the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standard, 24 CFR Part 3280; the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards, ICC/ANSI 2.0; or the Standard on Manufactured Housing, NFPA 501; as applicable. UL approval not required.

  • Do I need to use the fittings with the CSST pipe from Pro‐Flex?

    Pro-Flex fittings will connect to other gas piping components via the national pipe threads. Pro-Flex CSST Fittings will not connect directly to other brands of CSST tubing and their fittings will not directly connect to Pro-Flex tubing.

  • Do you need to be certified to install this product?

    First, the installer must meet all qualifications of a gas installer required by the state and/ or local administrative authority administering the provisions of the code where gas piping is installed. In addition, the installer must be qualified as a Pro-Flex installer. Pro-Flex relies on a self-training approach to achieve Pro-Flex qualified installer status. Within each Pro‐Flex® Training/ Installation Guide you will find all of the information related to installing Pro‐Flex® CSST. Read through the book to understand what is required and how to install this product correctly before installation takes place. In the back of the book you will find two qualified installer’s cards. One you fill out and mail back to Pro-Flex, LLC (or the parent company of Pro‐Flex® CSST, Tru-Flex Metal Hose) and the other you will keep showing the in‐store representative that you are indeed a qualified installer of this product upon purchasing more Pro‐Flex® CSST. You can also complete the qualified installer process on-line at www.Pro-FlexCSST.com.

  • Can Pro‐Flex® be used in applications with medium‐ or high‐pressure gas?

    Pro‐Flex® is approved for both medium‐ and high‐pressure gas piping with a 5psi limit.

  • What type of bonding clamp should be used?

    PPlease purchase a Pro‐Flex® bonding clamp at your local hardware retailer. If one is not available for purchase, any UL‐467‐approved bonding clamp can be used.

  • Is Pro‐Flex® considered bonded if it is connected to an appliance?

    No. Pro‐Flex® requires that the first fitting after the meter in the CSST product (or another part of the gas piping system near the gas entrance) be directly bonded to the electrical panel with a 6 AWG wire using the instructions provided in each installation/training guide and packet of fittings. Please follow these instructions and ensure that Pro‐Flex® CSST is properly bonded per your local jurisdiction.

  • Is Pro‐Flex® required to be bonded?

    In accordance with the NFPA 54 Section 7.13, Pro-Flex, LLC, requires proper bonding of the Pro‐Flex® gas‐piping systems in a structure to the structure’s electrical grounding system. This must be performed by a qualified person recognized by the local jurisdiction as capable of performing such work. These requirements are for all Pro‐Flex® CSST installations.

  • Can you bury the CSST?

    Yes, but only within a leak-proof conduit. The conduit can be comprised of either a PVC or metal material which can endure the corrosive contents already in the ground or applied to the ground. Many times chemicals will be poured into the ground and the potential of corrosion to CSST becomes present. Burying it inside of a protective conduit eliminates this risk and protects against unintentional mechanical damage.

  • How does Pro‐Flex® vary from other CSST systems?

    • Pro‐Flex® fittings are easy to assemble/install. No special tools are required and no flaring is required.

    • Our fittings are THE ONLY DUAL SEALED FITTINGS FOR ADDED SAFETY! Our proprietary High‐Temperature Gasket and Silicone O‐Ring will withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures and has been tested for longevity. All fittings and component parts are certified by CSA to the ANSI LC‐1‐2005, CSA 6.26‐2005 standards.

    • Pro‐Flex® has the only CSST fittings and components that are reusable.

    • Pro‐Flex® flexible piping is annealed to give better flexibility without altering the strength of the pipe. Pro‐Flex® flexible pipes will stay in place when formed or bent. Non‐annealed pipe, bent after forming, has a much higher chance of stress corrosion cracking.

    • Pro‐Flex® CSST is sold along with an installation manual which includes all information needed to install Pro‐Flex® correctly. Unlike other CSST systems, one is not required to become certified to install this product. By reading and understanding the installation manual and signing and mailing the qualified installer card back to Pro‐Flex®, the installer is then qualified to use this product.

  • Why should I use Pro‐Flex® rather than conventional‐steel (black and/or galvanized) pipe?

    Pro‐Flex® saves up to 75% of the installation time required for a conventional steel black iron or galvanized pipe system. Less time on‐the‐job means more production time for the installers. Pro‐Flex® is extremely light weight and transportation to the job site is easy. The potential of leak points is highly reduced because there are fewer joints/fittings per run. No pipe‐threading machine – CSST can be cut with standard tube cutters. Faster is better!

  • What is Pro‐Flex®?

    Pro‐Flex® is Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST). Pro‐Flex® CSST offers a flexible alternative to black pipe installations. With today’s modern technology, flexible piping systems such as Pro‐Flex® provide a time- and cost-saving way to offer your customers’ clean‐burning, reliable gas appliances in their homes. Pro-Flex CSST is ideal for adding gas service in a new construction, expansive multi‐family developments, home renovations and gas appliance additions to homes small, large, or historic.