Fitting Assemblies Instruction Assemble the ProFlex CSST Fittings in 6 Easy Steps

Installation Instructions

  1. Thread and tighten the NPT end of the fitting into the fixed connection. Use appropriate sealant on the NPT thread.
  2. Using a utility knife or scissorstyle pipe cutter, cut through the coating of the tubing just behind the fourth valley and remove the jacket form the tubing.
  3. Slide the nut over the CSST tubing and jacket.
  4. By hand, open the split/retainer ring just wide enough to drop over the end of the tubing, place it in the fourth valley and secure it closed around the tubing by hand. Do not break the retainer/split ring in half.
  5. Slide the washer/slide ring over the end of the tubing followed by the silicone O-ring. (O-ring should sit in the third valley when properly installed).

    From left to right: Split Ring, Slide Ring, O-Ring

  6. Place the tubing into the fitting end and secure with the nut. Tighten the nut by hand. Use a wrench to tighten an additional ¼ to ½ turn. Do not overtighten this connection.

Qualified Installer Requirements

To install a Pro-Flex CSST system, installers must meet the following qualifications:
• The installer must meet all qualifications required by the state and/or local administrative authority administering the provisions of the code where the gas piping is installed.
• The installer must be trained in the use of the Pro-Flex CSST system accomplished by reading and understanding the information from the Pro-Flex Installation Guide (available by clicking here).

Installer must submit their personal information in the Pro-Flex CSST qualified installer database. A manufacturer’s qualification/training card is required to purchase and install Pro-Flex. The card can be found in the back cover of the installation guide, or downloaded by clicking here, and must be completed and submitted to Pro-Flex, LLC. Before submitting the qualification card, the installer must read and understand this installation guide, which serves as the training program. Should there be any questions related to these installation guidelines or the training process, please contact technical support at 877-798.6291.

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