Pro-Flex CSST: The Importance of Gas Shutoff Valves

In the article “Gas shutoff valves” from Family Handyman, the significance of gas shutoff valves in homes equipped with natural gas is underscored. These valves play a crucial role in ensuring safety and facilitating maintenance procedures.

Every house with natural gas is equipped with a main shutoff valve, typically located just before the gas meter. Referred to as the street-side valve, this rectangular valve regulates the flow of gas into the home. When parallel to the incoming gas line, the valve is open, allowing gas to flow. Conversely, turning the valve a quarter turn perpendicular to the incoming pipe closes it, halting the gas supply.

Operating the street-side main shutoff valve requires a wrench, and while homeowners are technically capable of using it, gas companies prefer that only authorized personnel handle it. Instead, homeowners are encouraged to utilize the house-side main shutoff valve, typically located after the meter and before the first appliance.

This house-side valve, often a ball valve, is positioned either where the gas pipe enters the house or further down the line, preceding the initial appliance. In homes with higher pressure gas systems, characterized by flexible copper pipes, the main shutoff valve may be located near the furnace or water heater, preceding a pressure regulator.

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