2 PSI Line Pressure Regulators

These regulators are designed to control and maintain gas pressure within a piping system at 2 pounds per square inch. They are essential for reducing the gas supply pressure to a level suitable for various appliances, ensuring safety and efficiency by preventing potential leaks or damage due to excessive pressure.

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Part # Tube Size Description Min. Qty. Case Qty
PFMR-3253L1/2″Maxitrol Regulator (LP)11
PFMR-3253N1/2″Maxitrol Regulator (Natural Gas)11
PFMR-3255L3/4″Maxitrol Regulator (LP)11
PFMR-3255N3/4″Maxitrol Regulator (Natural Gas)11
PFRG2-0212L1/2″OARA Regulator (LP)11
PFRG2-0212N1/2″OARA Regulator (Nat. Gas)11
PFRG2-0234L3/4″OARA Regulator (LP)11
PFRG2-0234N3/4″OARA Regulator (Nat. Gas)11
PFRG2-020L1″OARA Regulator (LP)11
PFRG2-020N1″OARA Regulator (LP)11
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