FIP x FIP Gas Valves

FIP stands for Female Iron Pipe. An FIP x FIP gas valve is a valve with female threads on both ends, designed to connect two male-threaded pipes. These valves are primarily used to control the flow of gas in a piping system. They are crucial for safety and operational efficiency.

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Part # Description Min. Qty. Case Qty
PFGV-F38CValve 3/8″ FIP x FIP55
PFGV-F12CValve 1/2″ FIP x FIP55
PFGVO-F12CValve 1/2″ FIP x FIP (one piece)55
PFAV-F12Angle Valve 1/2″ FIP x FIP1010
PFGVO-F34CValve 3/4″ FIP x FIP55
PFAV-F34Angle Valve 3/4″ FIP x FIP1010
PFGV-F12QValve 1/2″ FIP x FIP w/ square handle1010
PFGV-F12SValve 1/2″ FIP x FIP w/ side port1010
PFGV-F34SValve 3/4″ FIP x FIP w/ side port1010
PFGV-F01TCValve 1″ FIP x FIP tee valve33
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