FIP x Flare Gas Valves

This valve combines a female iron pipe (FIP) thread on one end and a flare fitting on the other. The flare end provides a tight, metal-to-metal seal, making it suitable for high-pressure applications. It’s often used where a secure connection is needed without the use of additional sealing compounds.

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Part # Description Min. Qty. Case Qty
PFGVO-FFL12CValve 1/2″ FIP x 1/2″ Flare (one piece)55
PFGVO-FFL120916Valve 1/2″ FIP x 9/16″ Flare (one piece)1010
PFGV-FFL121516CValve 1/2″ FIP x 15/16″ Flare -For use with ½” ID appliance connectors55
PFGV-FFL3458CValve 3/4″ FIP x 5/8″ Flare55
PFGV-FFL341516CValve 3/4″ FIP x 15/16″ Flare For use with ½” ID appliance connectors55
PFGVO-FFL1238CValve 1/2″ FIP x 3/8″ Flare (one piece)55
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