Test Gauges

Test gauges are essential for ensuring the safety and proper functioning of a fireplace. They are used to measure the pressure in gas lines, ensuring that the gas is at a safe and appropriate level. This is crucial to prevent leaks or pressure issues that could lead to safety hazards.

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Part # Tube Size Description Min. Qty. Case Qty
PFTG-B1230C1/2″0-30 PSI – Bell Reducer66
PFTG-B1260C1/2″0-60 PSI – Bell Reducer66
PFTG-B3430C3/4″0-30 PSI – Bell Reducer66
PFTG-B3460C3/4″0-60 PSI – Bell Reducer66
PFTG-B34100C3/4″0-100 PSI – Bell Reducer66
PFTG-B01100C1″0-100 PSI – Bell Reducer66
PFTG-B0130C1″0-30 PSI – Bell Reducer66
PFTG-B0160C1″0-60 PSI – Bell Reducer66
PFTG-H1230C1/2″0-30 PSI – Chrome Hex66
PFTG-H1260C1/2″0-60 PSI – Chrome Hex66
PFTG-H3430C3/4″0-30 PSI – Chrome Hex66
PFTG-H3460C3/4″0-60 PSI – Chrome Hex66
PFTG-H0130C1″0-30 PSI – Chrome Hex66
PFTG-H0160C1″0-60 PSI – Chrome Hex66
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