Anodeless Service Risers

Anodeless service risers serve as a critical transition point between underground polyethylene gas piping and above-ground metal piping. They eliminate the need for cathodic protection (anodes) because of their non-metallic, corrosion-resistant properties.

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Part # Pipe Size Description Min. Qty. Case Qty
PERSR-121/2″ [CTS] .0901/2″ CTS x 3/4″ MPT1010
PERSR-343/4″ [IPS] SDR 113/4″ IPS x 3/4″ MPT88
PERSR-011″ [IPS] SDR 111″ IPS x 1″ MPT66
PERSR-01141 1/4″ [IPS] SDR 111-1/4″ IPS x 1-1/4″ MPT55
PERSR-0151 1/2″ [IPS] SDR 111-1/2″ IPS x 1-1/2″ MPT44
PERSR-022″ [IPS] SDR 112″ IPS x 2″ MPT11
PERSR-BKT1/2″ – 2″Riser Mounting Bracket11
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