Transition Fittings

Transition fittings are used to connect pipes of different materials or sizes. For example, they can connect metal pipes to plastic ones or different sized pipes. These fittings are essential for modifying or extending existing gas piping systems, especially when upgrading or repairing.

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Part # Pipe Size Description Min. Qty. Case Qty
PETR-CTS121/2″ [CTS] .0903/4″ MPT Steel Transition x 1/2″ CTS .09011
PETR-343/4″ [IPS] SDR 113/4″ MPT Steel Transition11
PETR-011″ [IPS] SDR 111″ SMPT Steel Transition11
PETR-01141 1/4″ [IPS] SDR 111 1/4″ MPT Steel Transition11
PETR-0151 1/2″ [IPS] SDR 111 1/2″ MPT Steel Transition11
PETR-022″ [IPS] SDR 112″ MPT Steel Transition11
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