Underground Compression Tees

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Part # Tube Size Description Min. Qty. Case Qty
PETE2-34C3/4″ [IPS] SDR 11Tee [IPS] SDR 1133
PETE2-01C1″ [IPS] SDR 11Tee [IPS] SDR 1133
PETE2-0114C1 1/4″ [IPS] SDR 11Tee [IPS] SDR 1111
PETE2-015C1 1/2″ [IPS] SDR 11Tee [IPS] SDR 1111
PETE2-02C2″ [IPS] SDR 11Tee [IPS] SDR 1111
PERTE2-DDCC1″ x 1″ x ¾” [IPS] SDR 11Reducing Tee [IPS] SDR 1111
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