ProFlex CSST

Pro-Flex™ CSST Flexible Gas Piping

Pro-Flex™ Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) makes installing gas piping for natural gas or propane gas appliances quick and easy. The Pro-Flex™ patented fitting system and flexible tubing enables installers to reduce installation time and to eliminate the equipment needed to install gas piping in new or existing construction. Pro-Flex™ CSST can supply gas throughout a home or commercial building. Route it through walls, floor or ceiling joists, or outside to a variety of appliances.

Industries Served

Residential Construction

Commercial Construction




Pro-Flex™ CSST Featured Products


These are specialized fittings designed to securely connect Pro-Flex™ CSST to gas sources and appliances. They ensure a leak-proof and durable connection, essential for gas safety.


This range includes all necessary accessories for the installation and maintenance of Pro-Flex™ CSST systems, such as manifold brackets, striker plates, and bonding clamps.

Specialty Products

These products might include custom solutions or specialized items designed for specific applications in gas piping, offering enhanced safety or performance features.

The Pro-Flex™ Advantage
  1. Strip and remove plastic coating in the fourth valley and slide on nut.
  1. Place Retainer and Slide Ring in the fourth valley. Place o-ring in third valley. Ensure
    gasket is in fitting.
  1. Hand tighten nut followed by additional 3/4 to a Full Turn with a pair of adjustable wrenches.

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