Discover Pro-Flex’s Range of CSST Tubing Solutions for Safe and Efficient Gas Distribution

Pro-Flex 1™ Yellow CSST: Revolutionize gas distribution with our flexible Pro-Flex 1™ Yellow CSST tubing. Engineered for residential, commercial, and industrial settings, this tubing simplifies installations compared to traditional rigid piping systems. Trusted by the construction industry and HVAC professionals, it’s the go-to choice for reliable gas supply lines in heating systems.

Flak Jacket™ Arc-Resistant Black CSST: Elevate safety standards with Flak Jacket™ Arc-Resistant Black CSST. Designed with an advanced Flak Jacket™ coating, this tubing offers unparalleled protection against electrical arcs. It’s a must-have in lightning-prone areas or environments with high electrical interference risks. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, it ensures enhanced safety and prevents potential gas leaks or fires caused by electrical arcing.

Pro-Flex brings you innovation and safety combined in our CSST tubing solutions. Explore our products to secure efficient gas distribution in your projects.

Pro-Flex 1™ Yellow CSST

Flak Jacket™
Arc-Resistant Black CSST

Industries Served

Residential Construction

Commercial Construction




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